Ode 586

SHAH, out of heaven came now this sudden song,
Blazing with jewels as dread Rizwan's* throne,
So fair—I feared to keep it for my own,
Deeming it must to thee, great Shah, belong.

Rippling and bright and soft as Selsebil
That flows through Paradise his floating hair,
Sweet-tongued, pure-thoughted, grave yet debonair,
The Spirit of Song unfolded me his will.

Said I: “Why camest thou to such a place,
Under a roof so very poor as mine?”
Said he: “I seek another house than thine:
I come to sing before the great Shah's face.”

Now is he all awearied of poor me,
And would within thine august presence stand;
Great Shah, extend to him thy royal hand,
And call the eager visitant to thee.