Ode 453

WOULDST know what fortune is? Fortune for me
Is to behold the face of her I love,
In the same street of the same world to dwell;
Ah! far above
The hollow state of kings and princes he
Who at her doorstep begs his daily bread—
What should he buy who hath all heaven to sell,
Or eat, being fed?

To leave the world were easy—just to die,
And draw no more thy unconsidered breath;
Ah! but to leave thy love behind, 't is this
That makes death—death.
And so, Beloved, therefore 't is that I
Make haste to kiss thy rose, for who can say
'T will bloom to-morrow, or I come back to kiss
Another day.

HAFIZ, guard well this treasure of thy friends;
Love them well now, and well their voices learn;
Soon shalt thou hear them only in thy dreams—
None may return
Who from this two-doored house of living wends:
Down in the grave is no companionship;
None talks, none listens, no eye with kindness beams,
No hand to grip.