Ode 194

“O LOVE, but I am sad at heart for thee.”

“Have patience: very soon thy grief shall end.”

“Thou art the moon—O be the moon to me!”

“I only shine two weeks, thou knowest, my friend!”

“Then on me shine.”

“Who knows but it may be!”

“O fickle moon, I 'll teach thee to be true.”

“How could I be the moon, and constant shine?
Needs must the old moon change that she be new.”

“Grow old, O moon, if only thou be mine;
I 'll shut all other planets from my view.”

“Thy fragrant locks have made me lose my way
About the world. In vain I seek a guide.”

“Follow the way they went—who knows but they,
By the same fragrance, will bring thee to my side!
Have thou no fear, I shall be thine some day.”

“Sweet is the breath that from thy garden blows.”

“Sweeter the song thou singest, nightingale!”

“Tell me, kind-hearted, unrelenting rose,
When dost thou think my true love will prevail?”

“HAFIZ, ask not; till the time comes, who knows!”