In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Ode 1

SAKI, for God's love, come and fill my glass;
Wine for a breaking heart, O Saki, bring!
For this strange love which seemed at first, alas!
So simple and so innocent a thing,
How difficult, how difficult it is!
Because the night-wind kissed the scented curl
On the white brow of a capricious girl,
And, passing, gave me half the stolen kiss,
Who would have thought one's heart could bleed and break
For such a very little thing as this?
Wine, Saki, wine—red wine, for pity's sake!

O Saki, would to God that I might die!
Would that this moment I might hear the bell
That bids the traveller for the road prepare,
Be the next stopping-place or heaven orn hell!
Strange caravan of death—no fears have I
Of the dark journey, gladly would I dare
The fearful river and the whirling pools;
Ah! they that dwell upon the other side,
What know they of the burdens that we bear?
With lit-up happy faces having died,
What know they of Love's bitter mystery,
The love that makes so sad a fool of me?
A fool of HAFIZ!—yea, a fool of fools.