Ode 53

WHOSE is yon candle of beauty?
Whose the house that she makes so bright?
Ah! whose that enchanted window?
Whose yonder fairy light?
My soul 's on fire with its shining—whose
Is she? Ah! tell me whose!

Whose are the arms she lies in?
Who watches her holy sleep?
Who are her friends and homefolk?
Who dares for himself to keep
So fabulous a treasure? who?
Who is he? tell me who?

Whose the red wine of her red lips?
Whose the cup she fills to the brim?
Whose all this fairy fortune—whose?
Ah! God was good to him!
Delight of man's soul and body—whose
Is she? Ah! tell me whose!

Venus-faced, moon-pale, tell me
Whose queen and whose pearl is she?
Whose jewel so precious, so priceless?
Whose this wine that has maddened me—
Me, drunk without drinking? Tell me whose
Is she? Ah! tell me whose!

Who is the moth for yon candle?
Who is he that was born to die
In that burning beam—ah! tell me who!
Would God that it were I!
Vain is it, HAFIZ, to question who—
HAFIZ, it is not you.