Ode 48

No! Saki—take the wine away!
I have no need of it to-day;
So drunk am I with adoration,
No longer have I any need
Of commonplace intoxication.

How should a man whose eyes may drink
Her beauty, like the Northern Star,
In a delicious meditation,
Remain contented any more
With common wine out of a jar!
No, Saki—take the wine away;
Though it were poured from heaven's brink,
I 'd spill it on the tavern floor—
I have no need of it to-day.

Of course, I 'll go on getting drunk,
But it will be another way—
A more august inebriation;
And I 'm afraid, old Magian monk,
You 'll almost have to close your door
When HAFIZ buys your wine no more—
That is the worst of reformation.