Preface (Ode 591) ix
To the Reader xiii
Odes 1
Ode 1Saki, for God's love, come and fill my glass1
Ode 2O Love, the beauty of the moon is thine3
Ode 7Heart, have you heard the news!5
Ode 8You little Turk of Shiraz-town8
Ode 9O Love, if thou so cruel continuest to be11
Ode 14O Love, how can you thus conceal your face13
Ode 16“Love,” I cried, “a little pity15
Ode 17Comrades, the morning breaks, the sun is up17
Ode 24Do you see that dark girl yonder?19
Ode 26Thrice holy night! O hallowed rising moon!21
Ode 32'T is an unstable world: all fades and glides23
Ode 34When thus I sit with roses in my breast25
Ode 39Preacher, 't is all in vain you preach to me28
Ode 42My hermitage the tavern is30
Ode 44Last night, as half asleep I dreaming lay32
Ode 48No! Saki—take the wine away34
Ode 49Now that the rose-tree in its dainty hand35
Ode 53Whose is yon candle of beauty?37
Ode 54I well could speak to her had I a mind39
Ode 59Zahid, I beg you, leave my sins alone41
Ode 71Without your cheek, black night is every day43
Ode 74Love is a sea that hath not any shore45
Ode 75Happy returns of this good day to thee47
Ode 79No one has seen thy face; a thousand eyes49
Ode 83O Love, all hidden from my aching sight51
Ode 100Without a sign she went away54
Ode 104The Abbot of the Wine-House for thy friend56
Ode 105Who shall interpret the Beloved's hair?58
Ode 109Beloved, it is not for you to question the words of the wise60
Ode 110Helpless, we look for help—Sweet Heaven, save!62
Ode 121Now that the rose is risen from the dead63
Ode 131In the Beloved's path I laid my face65
Ode 141The days go by, yet not a word you send67
Ode 142Life is not worth the trouble; the whole sky69
Ode 143Save the pursuit of faces like the moon71
Ode 144The face of my Beloved is a rose74
Ode 147Beauty alone will not account for her76
Ode 149The Well-Beloved is very hard to please78
Ode 150In the Beloved's Street I lost my heart!80
Ode 155The rose is not the rose unless thou see82
Ode 168He who hath made thy cheek of the wild rose83
Ode 173All the long night we talked of your long hair85
Ode 174Time was your doorstep was my dwelling-place87
Ode 176Comfort thee, heart—this much at least is true89
Ode 192The days of distance and the nights apart91
Ode 194“O Love, but I am sad at heart for thee”93
Ode 207O I 've good news for you—the spring, the spring!95
Ode 223What ails the times? Is friendship then no more97
Ode 225Once more red wine hath turned my willing head99
Ode 227This house hath been a fairy's dwelling-place101
Ode 232A grievous folly shames my sixtieth year103
Ode 236The winds of March blow up the clouds of spring105
Ode 249I will not stay my hand till thou art mine107
Odes 251–252  A caravan from China comes109
Ode 253Forget not, O my heart, thine ancient friends111
Ode 254What a musician is that rascal Love!112
Ode 255In all this city not a girl for me!114
Ode 268In the Heart's Market-Place go stand, my song116
Ode 290Wind of the East, pass by my Loved One's door118
Ode 291Show us thy face, and at the same time say120
Ode 315In the rose-garden of the World, one rose122
Ode 317Love, thou art fair, as delicate as dew124
Ode 322Shiraz, city of the heart126
Ode 330How my heart aches with happiness to-night128
Ode 331For all her cruel grown-up ways130
Ode 353“I will get drunk,” saidst thou, “and kiss thee twice”132
Ode 361O love, that stole my heart with your strange face134
Ode 364This moment on the air strange sweetness came136
Ode 365Whenever I of the Beloved sing138
Ode 378Love, I am like the candle140
Ode 384Heavens! do you think this is a time to choose142
Ode 440At sunset, when the eyes of exiles fill144
Ode 453Wouldst know what fortune is? Fortune for me146
Ode 457The Princess of the box-trees, she that vies148
Ode 465Deep in my heart there dwells a holy bird150
Ode 477In the green sky I saw the new moon reaping152
Ode 483Dawn, like a lover, the black robe of night154
Ode 487With last night's wine still singing in my head156
Ode 491What ails thee, Saki? Wine, for God's love, bring!158
Ode 493What hast thou done! Thrown thus thy virgin shame160
Ode 495Strange heart, the way is open—yet thy feet162
Ode 524Two gallons of old wine, and two old friends164
Ode 537The mercy of God, so long as there is day166
Ode 542O Shiraz City, filled with lovely faces168
Ode 564Bring wine into the garden, on the brink170
Ode 565Rejoice, my heart, before the springtime goes172
Ode 566Breeze of the morning, at the hour thou knowest174
Ode 570A thousand ways, beloved, have I sought176
Ode 572My heart in prison is—in Selma's hair178
Ode 586Shah, out of heaven came now this sudden song179
Ode 592O lion-hearted, ocean-handed King180
Ode 598My little moon, the morning Friday was182
Ode 604Ismail is dead, of men and cadis best183
Ode 605Kiwam-ed-din, strong pillar of the state184
Ode 606Little sleeper, the spring is here185
Ode 608Seest thou this little berry, this green pill?186
Ode 613O you embroidered robe of my young days187
EpilogueConserve of roses is this book of song (Ode 596)188
Index of First Lines189