NÚSHÍRWÁN (continued)—
1.How Núshírwán was wroth with Búzurjmihr and ordered him to be put in Ward4
2.How the Ambassador of Cæsar came to Núshírwán with a locked Casket and how Búzurjmihr was set at large to declare its Contents8
3.Discourse on the Responses of Núshírwán14
4.Núshírwán's Letter of Counsel to his Son Hurmuzd25
5.How an Archmage questioned Núshírwán and how he made Answer28
1.How Núshírwán made ready to war against Cæsar43
2.How Núshírwán took the Stronghold of Sakíla and how a Shoemaker had Dealings with him46
3.How the Envoys of Cæsar came to Núshírwán with Apologies and Presents51
4.How Núshírwán chose Hurmuzd as his Successor54
5.How the Archimages questioned Hurmuzd and how he replied57
6.How Núshírwán appointed Hurmuzd as his Suc­cessor and gave him parting Counsels61
7.How Núshírwán had a Dream and how Búzurjmihr interpreted it as signifying the Appearance of Muhammad66
1.The Prelude77
2.How Hurmuzd ascended the Throne and harangued the Chiefs78
3.How Hurmuzd slew Ízid Gashasp, Zarduhsht, Símáh Barzín, and Bahrám Ázarmihán, his Father's Ministers81
4.How Hurmuzd turned from Tyranny to Justice90
5.How Hosts gathered from all Sides against Hur-muzd, and how he took Counsel with his Wazírs92
6.How Hurmuzd heard of Bahrám Chúbína and sent for him96
7.How Bahrám Chúbína came to Hurmuzd and was made Captain of the Host100
8.How Bahrám Chúbína went with twelve thousand Cavaliers to fight King Sáwa106
9.How King Sáwa sent a Message to Bahrám Chúbína and his Answer113
10.How King Sáwa and Bahrám Chúbína set the Battle in Array against each other115
11.How King Sáwa sent another Message to Bahrám Chúbína and his Answer117
12.How Bahrám Chúbína had a Dream in the Night, how he gave Battle the next Morning, and how King Sáwa was slain121
13.How Bahrám Chúbína sent a Letter announcing his Victory, and the Head of King Sáwa, to Hur-muzd, and his Answer129
14.How Bahrám Chúbína fought with Parmúda, Son of King Sáwa, and overcame him, and how Parmúda took Refuge in the Hold of Áwáza134
15.How Bahrám Chúbína sent a Message to Parmúda and how Parmúda asked Quarter138
16.How Bahrám Chúbína asked of Hurmuzd a War­rant to spare the Life of Parmúda and the Answer141
17.How Hurmuzd's Letter, granting Quarter to Par-múda, reached Bahrám Chúbína, and how Bahrám Chúbína was wroth with Parmúda143
18.How Parmúda came before Hurmuzd with the Treasures sent by Bahrám Chúbína149
19.How Hurmuzd heard of the Ill-doing of Bahrám Chúbína and made a Compact with the Khán151
20.How Hurmuzd wrote a chiding Letter to Bahrám Chúbína and sent him a Distaff-case, Cotton, and Women's Raiment153
21.How Bahrám Chúbína put on the Woman's Dress and showed himself therein to the Chiefs of the Host154
22.How Bahrám Chúbína went to hunt and saw a Lady who foretold the Future to him156
23.How Bahrám Chúbína assumed the royal Style and how Kharrád, Son of Barzín, and the Archscribe fled158
24.How Hurmuzd received News of Bahrám Chú-bína's Doings, and how Bahrám Chúbína sent a Frail of Swords to Hurmuzd160
25.How Bahrám Chúbína made known to the Chiefs his Designs upon the Throne, and how his Sister Gurdya advised him163
26.Bahrám Chúbína's Letter to the Khán and how he coined Money with the name of Khusrau Parwíz and sent it to Hurmuzd172
27.How Bahrám Chúbína wrote to Hurmuzd and how Khusrau Parwíz fled from his Father173
28.How Hurmuzd sent Ayín Gashasp with an Army to fight Bahrám Chúbína and how he was slain by his Comrade177
29.How Hurmuzd grieved, refused Audience to the Íránians, and was blinded by Bandwí and Gustaham182
30.How Khusrau Parwíz heard of the Blinding of Hurmuzd184
1.The Prelude196
2.How Khusrau Parwíz sat upon the Throne and made an Oration197
3.How Khusrau Parwíz visited his Father and asked Forgiveness198
4.How Bahrám Chúbína heard of the Blinding of Sháh Hurmuzd and how he led his Troops against Khusrau Parwíz200
5.How Khusrau Parwíz and Bahrám Chúbína met and parleyed204
6.How Bahrám Chúbína and Khusrau Parwíz returned, how Gurdya advised Bahrám Chú-bína, and how Khusrau Parwíz told his Pur­pose to the Íránians220
7.How Bahrám Chúbína attacked the Army of Khusrau Parwíz by Night and how Khusrau Parwíz fled226
8.How Khusrau Parwíz went to his Sire and fled to Rúm, and how Hurmuzd was slain230
9.How Bahrám Chúbína sent Troops after Khusrau Parwíz and how Bandwí contrived to rescue him from their Hands233
10.How Bahrám, the Son of Siyáwush, took Bandwí and carried him to Bahrám Chúbína237
11.How Bahrám Chúbína summoned the Magnates of Írán, how they discussed his Pretensions to the Kingdom, and how he acceded to the Throne239
12.How Bandwí plotted with Bahrám, the Son of Siyá-wush, to slay Bahrám Chúbína, and how Bandwí fled from Bond245
13.How Khusrau Parwíz went toward Rúm by the Desert-route and how a Hermit told him of the Past and Future249
14.How a Cavalier of Cæsar came to Khusrau Parwíz and how he sent an Answer by Gustaham, Bálwí, Andiyán, Kharrád, Son of Barzín, and Shápúr to Cæsar.257
15.How Cæsar answered the Letter of Khusrau Parwíz260
16.How Cæsar wrote to Khusrau Parwíz, declining to help him, and his Answer261
17.How Cæsar wrote the second Time to Khusrau Parwíz about giving him Aid264
18.How Khusrau Parwíz answered Cæsar about the Alliance269
19.How Cæsar made a Talisman and deceived the Envoys of Khusrau Parwíz, and how Kharrád, Son of Barzín, solved the Mystery271
20.How Kharrád, Son of Barzín, expounded the Faith of the Indians and exhorted Cæsar275
21.How Cæsar sent a Host and his Daughter to Khus-rau Parwíz278
22.How Khusrau Parwíz led his Host to Ázar Ábáda­gán and how Bandwí met him on the Way281
23.How Bahrám Chúbína had Tidings of the Coming of Khusrau Parwíz and wrote to the Chiefs of Írán, and how the Letter fell into the Hands of Khusrau Parwíz and his Answer284
24.How Khusrau Parwíz fought with Bahrám Chú-bína and how Kút, the Rúman, was slain288
25.How Khusrau Parwíz fought with Bahrám Chú-bína the second Time, was defeated, and escaped from him by the Help of Surúsh292
26.How Khusrau Parwíz fought the third Time with Bahrám Chúbína and defeated him300
27.How Khusrau Parwíz sent an Army under Nastúh after Bahrám Chúbína, and how Bahrám Chúbína captured him and reached the Khán of Chín303
28.How Khusrau Parwíz pillaged the Camp of Bah-rám Chúbína and wrote a Letter to Cæsar who answered it with a Robe of Honour and Gifts306
29.How Niyátús was wroth with Bandwí and how Maryam made Peace between them309
30.How Khusrau Parwíz gave Presents to Niyátús and the Rúmans, how he dismissed them to Rúm, and wrote Patents for the Nobles of Írán312
31.Firdausí's Lament for the Death of his Son315
32.The Story of Bahrám Chúbína and the Khán of Chín316
33.How Makátúra was slain by Bahrám Chúbína320
34.How the Lion-ape slew a Daughter of the Khán, how it was slain by Bahrám Chúbína, and how the Khán gave him a Daughter and the King­dom of Chín322
35.How Khusrau Parwíz heard of the Case of Bahrám Chúbína and wrote a Letter to the Khán, and how he replied327
36.How Khusrau Parwíz sent Kharrád, Son of Barzín, to the Khán and how he schemed to slay Bah-rám Chúbína331
37.How Bahrám Chúbína was slain by Kulún as Kharrád, Son of Barzín, had planned336
38.How the Khán had Tidings of Bahrám Chúbína's Death and how he destroyed the House and Family of Kulún343
39.How Khusrau Parwíz had Tidings of the Slaying of Bahrám Chúbína and honoured Kharrád, Son of Barzín345
40.How the Khán sent his Brother to Gurdya, the Sister of Bahrám Chúbína, with a Letter touching her Brother's Death and asking her in Marriage as his Queen, and her Answer346
41.How Gurdya consulted her Nobles and fled from Marv349
42.How the Khán received Tidings of the Flight of Gurdya and how he sent Tuwurg with an Army after her, and how Gurdya slew Tuwurg351
43.How Gurdya wrote to Gurdwí354
44.How Khusrau Parwíz slew Bandwí354
45.How Gustaham rebelled against Khusrau Parwíz and took Gurdya to Wife355
46.How Khusrau Parwíz took Counsel with Gurdwí concerning Gustaham and how Gurdya, prompted by Gurdwí, slew him358
47.How Gurdya wrote to Khusrau Parwíz and how he summoned and married her361
48.How Gurdya showed her Accomplishment before Khusrau Parwíz363
49.How Khusrau Parwíz sent an ill-disposed March-lord to Rai and how he oppressed the Folk there365
50.How Gurdya made Sport before Khusrau Parwíz and how he gave Rai to her367
51.How Khusrau Parwíz portioned out his Realm368
52.How Shírwí, the Son of Khusrau Parwíz, was born of Maryam with bad Auspices and how Khus-rau Parwíz informed Cæsar371
53.How Cæsar wrote a Letter to Khusrau Parwíz, sent Gifts, and asked for the Cross of Christ374
54.How Khusrau Parwíz answered Cæsar's Letter and sent Gifts379
55.The Prelude382
56.How Khusrau Parwíz loved Shírín, how they parted, how he met her again while hunting and sent her to his Bower383
57.How the Nobles heard that Shírín had come to the Bower of Khusrau Parwíz and how they advised him and were satisfied with his Answer386
58.How Shírín murdered Maryam and Khusrau Par-wíz put Shírwí in Bonds389
59.How Khusrau Parwíz made the Throne of Tákdís391
60.The Story of Sarkash and Bárbad, the Minstrel, and Khusrau Parwíz396
61.How Khusrau Parwíz built the Palace of Madá'in400
62.Discourse on the Splendour and Greatness of Khusrau Parwíz405
63.How Khusrau Parwíz turned from Justice, how the Chiefs revolted, and how Guráz called in Cæsar407
64.How Cæsar withdrew through an Expedient of Khusrau Parwíz and how the Chiefs released Shírwí from Bonds409
65.How Khusrau Parwíz was taken and how Shirwí sent him to Taisafún418