1.How Dáráb built the City of Dárábgird20
2.How Dáráb defeated the Host of Shu'íb21
3.How Dáráb fought with Failakús and took to Wife his Daughter22
4.How Dáráb sent back the Daughter of Failakús to Rúm, and how Sikandar was born25
1.How Dárá harangued the Chiefs and took Order for the Realm34
2.The Death of Failakús and Sikandar's Accession to the Throne35
3.How Sikandar went as his own Ambassador to Dárá38
4.How Dárá fought with Sikandar and was worsted42
5.How Dárá fought with Sikandar the second Time43
6.How Sikandar fought with Dárá the third Time, and how Dárá fled to Kirmán46
7.How Dárá wrote to Sikandar to propose Peace49
8.How Dárá was slain by his Ministers50
9.How Dárá told his last Wishes to Sikandar and died52
10.How Sikandar wrote to the Nobles of Írán57
1.How Sikandar sat upon the Throne of Írán85
2.How Sikandar wrote to Dilárái and Rúshanak, the Wife and Daughter of Dárá, touching the Nuptials of Rúshanak85
3.How Dilárái answered the Letter of Sikandar87
4.How Sikandar sent his Mother, Náhíd, to fetch Rúshanak, and how he Married her89
5.How Kaid of Hind had a Dream, and how Mihrán interpreted it91
6.How Sikandar marched against Kaid of Hind and wrote a Letter to him98
7.How Kaid of Hind answered Sikandar's Letter and announced the Sending of the Four Wonders99
8.How Sikandar sent back the Messenger to receive the Four Wonders100
9.How Sikandar sent Ten Sages with a Letter to inspect the Four Wonders of Kaid of Hind101
10.How the Ten Sages brought the Daughter, the Cup, the Leech, and the Sage, from Kaid of Hind to Sikandar103
11.How Sikandar tested the Sage, the Leech, and the Cup sent by Kaid of Hind104
12.How Sikandar led a Host against Fúr of Hind and wrote a Letter to him110
13.How Fúr answered the Letter of Sikandar111
14.How Sikandar arrayed his Host to fight with Fúr of Hind and made iron Steeds and Riders filled with Naphtha112
15.How the Host of Sikandar fought with the Host of Fúr, how Fúr was slain by Sikandar, and how Sikandar seated Sawurg upon the Throne of Fúr116
16.How Sikandar went on a Pilgrimage to the House of the Kaaba119
17.How Sikandar led his troops from Judda toward Misr121
18.Sikandar's Letter to Kaidáfa, Queen of Andalús, and her Answer123
19.How Sikandar led his Troops to Andalús and took the Hold of King Faryán124
20.How Sikandar went as an Ambassador to Kaidáfa and was recognised by her127
21.How Kaidáfa counselled Sikandar132
22.How Tainúsh, the Son of Kaidáfa, was wroth with Sikandar, and how Sikandar took Precaution against him134
23.How Sikandar made a Compact with Kaidáfa and returned to his Troops138
24.How Sikandar went to the Country of the Brah­mans, inquired into their Mysteries, and re­ceived an Answer143
25.How Sikandar came to the Western Sea and saw Wonders147
26.How Sikandar reached the Land of Habash, fought, and was victorious149
27.How Sikandar reached the Land of the Narmpái, how he fought and was victorious, how he slew a Dragon, ascended a Mountain, and was fore­warned of his own Death150
28.How Sikandar reached the City of Women, named Harúm, and saw Wonders there153
29.How Sikandar went into the Gloom to seek the Water of Life and spake with Birds and Isráfíl159
30.How Sikandar went to the East, saw Wonders, and built a Barrier against Yájúj and Májúj163
31.How Sikandar saw a Corpse in a Palace of Jewels on the Top of a Mountain, and the Speaking Tree, and how he was warned of his Death166
32.How Sikandar marched his Army to Chín, carried his own Letter to Faghfúr, and returned to his Army with the Answer169
33.How Sikandar returned from Chín, made war against the Sindians, and went to Yaman174
34.How Sikandar marched toward Bábil and found the Treasure of Kai Khusrau in a City176
35.How Sikandar went to the City of Bábil, wrote a Letter to Arastálís, and received his Answer178
36.Sikandar's Letter to his Mother181
37.How Sikandar's Life ended and how they carried his Coffin to Iskandaríya183
38.How the Sages and other Folk lamented Sikandar185
39.How the Mother and Wife of Sikandar lamented him187
40.Firdausí's Complaint of the Sky and Appeal to God189
1.The Praise of Mahmúd207
2.The Tribal Kings210
3.How Pápak saw Sásán in a Dream and gave him a Daughter in Marriage211
4.How Ardshír Pápakán was born, and of his Case with Ardawán213
5.How Ardawán's Slave-girl fell in Love with Ardshír and how he fled with her to Párs217
6.How Ardawán heard of the Flight of Ardshír with the Damsel and pursued them220
7.How Ardawán wrote to Bahman, his Son, to take Ardshír223
8.How Tabák helped Ardshír, fought with Bahman, and conquered him225
9.How Ardawán led forth his Host for Battle with Ardshír and was slain227
10.How Ardshír fought with the Kurds and was defeated230
11.How Ardshír attacked the Kurds by Night and overthrew them232
12.The Story of Haftwád and the Case of the Worm232
13.How Ardshír fought with Haftwád and was worsted236
14.How Mihrak of Jahram sacked the Palace of Ardshír237
15.How Ardshír heard about the Worm and made Shift to slay it239
16.How Ardshír slew Haftwád244
1.How Ardshír Pápakán sat upon the Throne in Baghdád258
2.The Case of Ardshír and the Daughter of Ardawán259
3.How Shápúr was born to Ardshír by the Daughter of Ardawán, and how after seven Years Ardshír heard of his Son and acknowledged him261
4.How Ardshír, to find out the Future of his Reign, sent to Kaid of Hind, and Kaid's Reply266
5.The Adventure of Shápúr with the Daughter of Mihrak, and his taking her to Wife268
6.How Urmuzd was born to Shápúr by the Daughter of Mihrak271
7.Of the Wisdom of Ardshír and his Method of administering the Realm273
8.How Kharrád praised Ardshír284
9.On the Faithlessness of Fortune285
10.How Ardshír charged Shápúr and died286
11.Thanksgiving to the Maker and Praise of Mahmúd, the great King291
1.How Shápúr sat upon the Throne and delivered a Charge to the Chieftains295
2.How Shápúr fought with the Rúmáns, how Bazá-núsh, their General, was taken Prisoner, and how Cæsar made Peace with Shápúr296
3.How Shápúr seated Urmuzd upon the Throne and died299
1.How Urmuzd addressed the Assembly302
2.How Urmuzd gave up the Throne to Bahrám, charged him, and died303
1.How Bahrám succeeded to the Throne, charged the Nobles, and died307
1.How Bahrám, Son of Bahrám, ascended the Throne, charged the Nobles, and died311
1.How Bahrám Bahrámiyán succeeded to the Throne and died four Months after313
1.How Narsí succeeded to the Throne, counselled his Son, and died315
1.How Urmuzd, Son of Narsí, ascended the Throne, and how his Life ended318
1.How Shápúr, Son of Urmuzd, was born forty Days after his Father's Death, and how he was crowned328
2.How Táír, the Arab, carried off the Daughter of Narsí and married her, how Shápúr went to Yaman to fight him, and how his Daughter fell in Love with Shápúr330
3.How Táír was bemused by his Daughter and how she came to Shápúr, who took the Hold and slew Táír333
4.How Shápúr went disguised as a Merchant to Rúm, how he was taken by Cæsar, and how Cæsar ravaged the Land of Írán335
5.How the Damsel took Measures to free Shápúr, and how he fled with her from Rúm339
6.How the High Priest and the Captain of the Host, hearing of Shápúr's Arrival, went to him with the Troops345
7.How Shápúr made a Night-attack, and how Cæsar was taken346
8.How Shápúr went to Rúm and fought with Yánus, Cæsar's Brother351
9.How the Rúmans placed Bazánúsh upon the Throne of Cæsar; his Letter to Shápúr and the Answer353
10.How Bazánúsh went to Shápúr and made a Treaty of Peace355
11.How Mání, the Painter, came to Shápúr with Pretence of being a Prophet, and was slain358
12.How Shápúr made his Brother Ardshír Regent till his own Son should grow up, and how his Days ended360
1.How Ardshír sat upon the Throne and gave a Charge to the Officers363
1.How Shápúr, Son of Shápúr, sat upon the Throne and gave a Charge to the Officers365
1.How Bahrám sat upon the Throne and gave a Charge to the Officers368
1.How Yazdagird sat upon the Throne and gave a Charge to the Officers374
2.How Bahrám Gúr, Son of Yazdagird, was born and sent to be brought up by Munzir, the Arab375
3.How Bahrám went to the Chase with a Damsel and how he displayed his Accomplishment382
4.How Bahrám showed his Accomplishment in the Chase before Munzir384
5.How Bahrám came with Nu'mán to Yazdagird386
6.How Yazdagird put Bahrám in Bonds, how he escaped by the good Offices of Tainúsh, and how he returned to Munzir389
7.How Yazdagird, by the Advice of an Archmage, went to the Spring of Sav and was killed by a Water-horse391
8.How the Íránians took Counsel and placed Khusrau upon the Throne394
9.How Bahrám Gúr heard of the Death of his Father and invaded Írán395
10.How the Íránians heard of Bahrám's Pillaging and wrote to Munzir, and how he replied397
11.How Bahrám Gúr arrived at Jahram with the Host of Munzir, and how the Íránians went out to him400
12.How Bahrám Gúr harangued the Íránians as to his Fitness to rule, how they rejected him but pro­mised him the Kingship if he would take the Crown from between the Lions402
13.How Bahrám and Khusrau went to the Waste, and how Bahrám slew the Lions and took his Seat upon the Throne409