KAI KHUSRAU (continued)—
1. The Prelude 9
2. How Afrásiyáb called together his Host 10
3. How Kai Khusrau sent Gúdarz to fight the Túránians 12
4. How Gív was made the Bearer of Overtures from Gúdarz to Pírán 16
5. How Gív visited Pírán at Wísagird 19
6. The Arraying of the Hosts 22
7. How Bízhan went to Gív to urge him to fight 26
8. How Húmán asked Pírán for Leave to fight 29
9. How Húmán challenged Ruhhám 31
10. How Húmán challenged Faríburz 34
11. How Húmán challenged Gúdarz 35
12. How Bízhan heard of the Doings of Húmán 39
13. How Gív gave the Mail of Siyáwush to Bízhan 44
14. How Húmán came to Battle with Bízhán 47
15. How Húmán was slain by Bízhan 49
16. How Nastíhan made a Night-attack and was slain 53
17. How Gúdarz asked Aid of Khusrau 56
18. The Answer of Khusrau to the Letter of Gúdarz 58
19. How Khusrau arrayed the Host 61
20. How Pírán wrote to Gúdarz Son of Kishwád 63
21. The Answer of Gúdarz to the Letter of Pírán 68
22. How Pírán asked Succour from Afrásiyáb 75
23. The Answer of Afrásiyáb to the Letter of Pírán 78
24. How the Íránians and Túránians fought a pitched Battle 81
25. How Gív fought with Pírán and how Gív's Horse jibbed 84
26. How Gúdarz and Pírán arranged a Battle of Eleven Rukhs 88
27. How Pírán harangued his Men of Name 93
28. How Gúdarz and Pírán chose the Warriors for the Battle of the Eleven Rukhs 95
29. How Faríburz fought with Kulbád99
30. How Gív fought with Gurwí99
31. How Guráza fought with Siyámak100
32. How Furúhil fought with Zangula101
33. How Ruhhám fought with Bármán102
34. How Bízhan fought with Rúín102
35. How Hajír fought with Sipahram103
36. How Gurgín fought with Andarímán104
37. How Barta fought with Kuhram105
38. How Zanga, Son of Sháwarán, fought with Akhást105
39. How Gúdarz fought with Pírán106
40. How Gúdarz returned to the Warriors of Írán109
41. How Lahhák and Farshídward bewailed Pírán112
42. How Lahhák and Farshídward took the Road to Túrán115
43. How Gustaham pursued Lahhák and Farshídward117
44. How Bízhan followed after Gustaham119
45. How Lahhák and Farshídward were slain by Gustaham121
46. How Bízhan beheld Gustaham in the Mead123
47. How Kai Khusrau built a Charnel-house for Pírán and for the other Chiefs of Túrán, and how he slew Gurwí the Son of Zira126
48. How the Túránians asked Quarter of Kai Khusrau129
49. How Bízhan returned with Gustaham132
1. In Praise of Sultán Mahmúd139
2. How Kai Khusrau arrayed his Host against Afrásiyáb145
3. How Afrásiyáb heard that Pírán was slain and that Kai Khusrau had arrayed his Host150
4. How Kai Khusrau had Tidings that Afrásiyáb ad­vanced to fight with him157
5. How Shída came before his Father Afrásiyáb158
6. How Afrásiyáb sent an Embassage to Kai Khusrau161
7. How Kai Khusrau sent an Answer to Afrásiyáb168
8. How Kai Khusrau fought with Shída the Son of Afrásiyáb171
9. How Shída was slain by Khusrau175
10. How the Battle was joined between the Hosts177
11. How Afrásiyáb fled183
12. How Kai Khusrau announced his Victory to Káús185
13. How Afrásiyáb went to Gang-bihisht186
14. How Khusrau crossed the Jíhún187
15. How Kai Khusrau fought with Afrásiyáb the second Time190
16. How Afrásiyáb took Refuge in Gang-bihisht193
17. The Letter of Afrásiyáb to the Faghfúr of Chín196
18. How Kai Khusrau arrived before Gang-bihisht198
19. How Jahn came to Kai Khusrau with an Embassage from Afrásiyáb200
20. How Kai Khusrau made Answer to Jahn204
21. How Kai Khusrau fought with Afrásiyáb and took Gang-bihisht207
22. How Afrásiyáb fled from Gang-bihisht211
23. How Kai Khusrau gave Quarter to the Family of Afrásiyáb212
24. How Kai Khusrau exhorted the Íránians216
25. How Kai Khusrau wrote a Letter with the News of his Victory to Kai Káús217
26. How Kai Khusrau had Tidings of the Coming of Afrásiyáb with the Host of the Faghfúr219
27. The Message of Afrásiyáb to Kai Khusrau221
28. How the Iránians and Túránians fought223
29. How Afrásiyáb made a Night-attack upon Kai Khusrau and was defeated224
30. How the Faghfúr of Chín sent an Envoy to Kai Khusrau229
31. How Afrásiyáb crossed the Sea230
32. How Kai Khusrau sent the Prisoners and Treasure to Káús with a Letter232
33. The Answer of Sháh Káús to the Letter of Khusrau237
34. The Embassage of Kai Khusrau to the Faghfúr of Chín and the King of Makrán238
35. How Kai Khusrau fought with the King of Makrán and how the King of Makrán was slain241
36. How Kai Khusrau crossed the Sea245
37. How Kai Khusrau reached Gang-dizh247
38. How Kai Khusrau returned from Gang-dizh to Siyáwushgird250
39. How Kai Khusrau returned from Túrán to the Land of Írán254
40. How Kai Khusrau returned to his Grandsire256
41. How Afrásiyáb was captured by Húm of the Race of Farídún259
42. How Afrásiyáb escaped from Húm261
43. How Káús and Khusrau came to Húm264
44. How Afrásiyáb was taken the second Time and how he and Garsíwaz were slain266
45. How Káús and Khusrau returned to Párs269
46. The Death of Kai Káús270
47. How Kai Khusrau fell into Melancholy272
48. How the Nobles inquired why Khusrau had closed his Court275
49. How the Íránians summoned Zál and Rustam277
50. How Kai Khusrau saw Surúsh in a Dream280
51. How Zál admonished Kai Khusrau282
52. How Kai Khusrau answered Zál284
53. How Zál rebuked Kai Khusrau286
54. How Kai Khusrau answered and how Zál excused himself288
55. How Kai Khusrau gave his last Charge to the Íránians291
56. How Kai Khusrau appointed Gúdarz to be his Mandatary294
57. How Zál asked of Kai Khusrau a Patent for Rustam296
58. How Kai Khusrau gave a Patent to Gív298
59. How Kai Khusrau gave a Patent to Tús299
60. How Kai Khusrau gave the Kingship to Luhrásp300
61. How Kai Khusrau farewelled his Women304
62. How Kai Khusrau went to the Mountains and vanished in the Snow305
63. How the Paladins were lost in the Snow308
64. How Luhrásp had Tidings of the Disappearance of Kai Khusrau311
1. How Luhrásp built a Fire-temple at Balkh316
2. How Gushtásp quitted Luhrásp in wrath318
3. How Gushtásp returned with Zarír320
4. How Gushtásp set off for Rúm323
5. How Gushtásp arrived in Rúm324
6. How a Village-chief entertained Gushtásp327
7. The Story of Katáyún the Daughter of Cæsar329
8. How Cæsar gave Katáyún to Gushtásp331
9. How Mírín asked in Marriage Cæsar's second Daughter333
10. How Gushtásp slew the Wolf337
11. How Ahran asked Cæsar's third Daughter in Marriage342
12. How Gushtásp slew the Dragon and how Cæsar gave his Daughter to Ahran346
13. How Gushtásp displayed his Prowess on the Riding-ground349
14. How Cæsar wrote to Ilyás and demanded Tribute352
15. How Gushtásp fought with Ilyás and slew him355
16. How Cæsar demanded from Luhrásp Tribute for Írán356
17. How Zarír carried a Message from Luhrásp to Cæsar359
18. How Gushtásp returned with Zarír to the Land of Irán and received the Throne from Luhrásp361