The historian mentions, that Beauty had a servant who could take likenesses by sleight of hand as he walked in the night, his name was FANCY; he was Beauty’s reflector, and chief of her household.

Beauty had a seal of clear ruby* which possessed the virtue of tracing the fountain MOUTH: having given this seal into the care of Fancy and Vision, she dispatched them for the purpose of bringing Heart back with them, and, after travelling some time, they reached the city in which Heart resided. In fine, Vision gave Heart an account of his adventures, and introduced Fancy to him. Heart having looked upon Fancy with the eye of favour, asked him what was his profession. Fancy replied “I am a limner, and I am Beauty’s Confident.” Heart said, “Show me a specimen of your art that I might judge of your talents, and be enabled to read an ornamental page of your skill.”

Fancy taking a pencil, quickly drew the portrait of Beauty upon a sheet of paper. When Heart beheld the picture, he was enraptured with it, and after consulting with Fancy and Vision, he determined to accompany them to the city of Sight.

But, continues the historian, Heart had a Minister called CON­JECTURE who lived in the vicinity of Wisdom’s residence; having heard of Heart’s intention, he hastened to inform Wisdom that Vision had been from Body, had returned, and had brought a limner with him from the kingdom of Love, for the purpose of enticing Heart away to the city of Sight: no one, said he, knows the stratagems of Love’s host; they are made up of charms tinctured with deceit; our country, continued he, is upon an even surface, but the kingdom of Love is inexplorable.

When Wisdom heard Conjecture’s observations, he ordered Heart, Fancy, and Vision to be put in close confinement. Again the historian remarks, that the ruby seal sent by Beauty to Heart, had by the latter, been committed to the care of Vision. This seal possessed the property of rendering the person who held it in the mouth, invisible to the eye of man, besides the virtue of discovering the fountain of the water of life to the person who carried it.

Vision having put the seal into his mouth, set out for the city of Sight, and in a short time arrived at the Rose-garden of the cheek; and perceiving there, the fountain MOUTH between some bowers of roses, he intended to drink a draught of its water and live for ever; but unfortunately, when opening his mouth, the seal dropped into the fountain, and to his astonishment, the seal was no sooner out of his mouth than the fountain disappeared!

At this juncture, while in a fit of distraction, Guardian came up, and, in a very uncivil manner, seized and dragged him away to his own house, and cast him into prison.

Vision being lodged in the prison of injustice, one night recol­lected that Ringlet had given him a hair, which hair he set on fire, and Ringlet was instantly in his presence, loosed his fetters, and put him into the road leading to the Rose-garden of the cheek.

When Vision reached the city of sight, he went to Beauty, and having kissed the ground, he described the manner in which Fancy and Heart had been confined. Beauty was greatly insensed, and calling Glance, told him of the disaster and said, “To remedy the evil, thou and Vision must go secretly to the city of Body and bring Heart and Fancy away by enchantment.”

Glance and Vision, conformably to Beauty’s command, set out with a train of charming, harassing, plundering damsels, and marched against the city of Body, travelling each day double stages.