2 <Arabic> the Kaimakam or vice-gerent in the ottoman empire.
3 vaulted with a dome,—the roof of the mouth, being hollow.
6 <Arabic> káf is a fabulous mountain, much celebrated in fairy tales in the east.
  <Arabic> segsár, an imaginary monster, with the head of a dog, face of a dragon, hair of a goat, and ears of an elephant.
7 <Arabic> márpáyán is the plural of <Arabic> márpá, a species of ser­pent with the human head,—a poetical expression for ringlets, because they belong to the human head.
10 <Arabic> zeng-í bachah, ethiopian or negro boy, for beauty-spot.
20 <Arabic> Kalendar, or Colinder,—the name of a wandering tribe of mahometan devotees whose dress, for the most part, consists of skins of animals.
Page 9 line 14, for Guardian’s, write Ringlet’s.