But, says the historian, when Attention and Heart arrived at the city of Sight they rested in the garden of friendship: each day one of Beauty’s generals, upon Heart’s arrival, made an entertainment. The first day Seal spread the table of invitation, and in its folds formed flowers with the drum of conversation. The second day Shape did the honours of the table and strove for con­tention between the palm* and the flute. The third day Ringlet spread the table and rivalled between the violet and harp*. The fourth day Glance made a banquet, and vied with the narcissus and china goblet.

When the concerns of the marriage were over, and Heart had attained to perfect felicity from the mutual affection of Beauty; one day he, Attention, and Vision, went by way of a pleasant walk, round the Rose-garden of the cheek; when Heart came to the borders of the fountain Mouth, he discovered a small blooming space called HAPPINESS round the fountain, and in the middle of that space, bordering upon the water of life, he saw an old man clad in green shining as the light. Attention exclaimed to Heart, “Hasten! Know that this is the prophet Elias!” Heart kissed the hand of the aged man, and placed himself before him in profound respect; then the venerable sage drew up the veil of explanation from the path of knowledge, and initiated Heart into some of the mysteries of these tales. Heart being directed by Elias, on whom be peace, to the road of humility, he found grace and spent a life agreeable to rich and poor, and his good name rendered him eminent.

There are many sons whose actions will remain memorable records in the annals of time; and one of those sons has formed the subject of this pleasing allegory; the first fruit of the garden of eloquence and a memorial of friends.

It is time, the book is finished by divine favour.