But, continues the historian, when Beauty’s army brought Heart to battle, and Ringlet dispersed his troops; Patience, who was Wisdom’s general, escaped from Love’s army, and having sheltered at the city of Direction, he communicated to Attention the defeat of Heart’s forces.

Attention said, “I have plenty of troops, and stores in abundance, at Wisdom’s service; for since I was the cause of this tumult by directing Vision to the water of life, I will now march to the city of Sight.” In fine, he had no sooner spoken than he mustered the army and marched towards SIGHT, and some time after, hav­ing arrived at Shape’s garden, he had an interview with his brother of whom he inquired respecting Heart. Shape answered,—It is now nearly a twelvemonth that Heart has been imprisoned and bound in fetters of anguish in the castle of Separation, and absent from the Palace of Mutual-attachment.

When Attention heard this narative from his brother, and reflected upon the means of releasing (Heart), he conceived it would be a difficult undertaking otherwise than by submitting it to Love: having led his army to his brother’s, he set out for the castle of Body. When Attention came before Love, he kissed the ground of Submission; Love treated him with much kindness, and con­ducted him into sumptuous apartments; when he had taken repose after the fatigue of the journey, Love invited him into his private room and inquired his business.

Attention related the sad history concerning Wisdom and Heart: the discourse had a favourable effect, for Love dispatched Seal with orders to recall Heart, and sent Attention with an immense army to the castle of Separation to liberate him from bondage, to imprison Guardian in his stead, and to proceed thence to the city of Sight and Rose-garden of the cheek and endeavour to promote an alliance between Beauty and Heart. In short, Seal released Wisdom, and sent him to the city of Body. Attention having concentrated the army at the castle of Separation, Love replaced Wisdom on the throne, and having set Heart at liberty, he imprisoned Guardian in his place, kindled the fire of wrath and burnt the sourceress Jealousy, and departing thence, hastened to the city of Sight and bound the chain of union between Beauty and Heart.