But, observes the historian, when Heart recovered from the swoon, Smile and Vision, conformably to Beauty’s command, removed him to the brink of the fountain of friendship, and when it was night, Fancy lighted a taper before him. Beauty, Sincerity, and Endearment assembled on the Palace; Heart, Smile, and Fancy, on the brink of the fountain; and began to enter into society.

In this manner several nights passed; Beauty upon the Palace of Mutual-attachment; Heart by the side of the fountain accom­panied by Smile and Fancy, banqueting and cultivating the seed of mirth. At length, however, Beauty could no longer bear the absence of Heart, and calling Sincerity and Endearment to another consultation, and reasoning in various ways they came at length to this conclusion;—That Smile should prepare an inebriating draught in a portion of wine and administer it to Heart by the side of the fountain to put him in a state of intoxication; that Ringlet might carry him up to the terrace of the Palace without his being sensi­ble of it, that Beauty might enjoy his company till morning, and then Ringlet might convey him back to the side of the water.

Beauty approved of this contrivance, and Smile having given him a dose he became stupified, and Beauty enjoyed his company till daylight. Beauty having passed several nights in this way in the Palace of Mutual-attachment, she was delighted in drinking with Heart out of the cup of gladness.

Guardian had a daughter called JEALOUSY of a wretched temper and much addicted to slander, she generally obtruded her disagree­able figure before Beauty under the form of diligence. Now when Beauty went to the garden, she took no notice of it to Jealousy, and therefore did not take her with her; Jealousy being vexed at this slight, anxiously kept prying into the case, till one night she followed Beauty to the top of the Palace of Mutual-attachment, and hid herself. In short, when she had discovered the intimacy of Beauty and Heart, she hastened home and reasoned within her­self thus;—Beauty knows not that I have discovered this secret, therefore she has all the pleasure of Heart to herself: the fact is this; I must devise means of sharing the pleasure of meeting Heart, or engross him to myself.

One night, Heart being on the solitary side of the water, and Beauty asleep in the city, Jealousy taking with her a set of little waiting-maids repaired to the Palace of Mutual-attachment, and finding Heart and Fancy inebriated at the water side, by a magic spell she assumed Beauty’s dress and figure, spread a car­pet of delight in the Palace of Mutual-attachment, and ordered Heart and Vision to be brought secretly upon the terrace of the Palace without disturbing Fancy. Jealousy taking Heart to her bosom, reposed on Beauty’s throne, and sank in pleasing slumber.