But, says the historian, when Heart was struck with the arrow, and was conveyed into Beauty’s presence, he was in a state of delirium. Beauty had a nurse called ENDEARMENT, her confident and bosom friend; having consulted her respecting Heart, she pro­posed to have him confined for a few days till he should recover himself, and to dispatch a messenger to Love, for further orders. Beauty dispatched Seal to her father, and ordered Heart into confinement.

But, continues the historian, there was a well in the Rose-garden of the cheek, lined with virgin silver, the name of it was THE DIMPLE OF THE CHIN; they placed Heart in this well, under the care of the ruby-lipped cup-bearer SMILE who engaged to dress his wound and hand him sherbet.

When Seal came before Love, and Love had heard the account of the taking of Heart, he ordered Ringlet to attack Wisdom and put him in chains, having secured him, to proceed to BODY and cast him into prison. When Love understood the issue of the case, he departed from the East and hastened to the West, took posses­sion of the throne of Body, and shook the foundations of most of the city.

Again, says the historian, when Heart had been confined in the well nearly a month, Beauty had a great desire for an interview with him. Seal had a daughter called SINCERITY, in whom Beauty ever placed the strictest confidence; Beauty called her into her closet, and they entered into conversation respecting Heart; Sincerity thus advised her saying, “I have a garden in the skirts of the city of Sight; it is called THE GARDEN OF PLEASURE; there is a fountain in it called FRIENDSHIP; and a Palace named MUTUAL-ATTACHMENT, encircled by its water; the interior of this palace affords relief to sorrow. You might send Heart secretly to the garden and fountain of Friend­ship; sometimes direct your steps thither, and, in the palace of Mutual-attachment, enjoy the sight of Heart’s elegant figure.

Beauty approved of this suggestion, and the same night she desired Ringlet to draw Heart out of the well of THE DIMPLE, and to take him to the garden and fountain of Friendship. Ringlet went to the well of the Dimple, drew Heart out, and in the course of the night having placed him in a vehicle, he conveyed him to the garden and fountain.

In short, when Heart arrived at the garden, after his imprison­ment in the well, he winded about it like a rivulet, and coming among fragrant herbs, he suddenly fell asleep.

It also happened that Beauty, accompanied by Sincerity and Endearment, set out for the garden, after Heart; when she had walked about the garden a little while, she came unexpectedly to the spot where Heart was lying; and placing his head on her bosom, tears flowed from her eyes, which trickling upon Heart’s face, he awoke, and finding his head upon Beauty’s bosom, he screamed and fell flat on the ground in a swoon: Beauty then gave him into the care of Fancy and Vision and went herself to the Palace of Mutual-attachment.