WHEN that moon of beauty became celebrated, lovers came from every quarter to see her and woo her. They sought admittance, but in vain, for her mother would let none come nigh her but only Valeh alone. Now among the favoured of Mahmoud* was one who spent nights and days with his master. He was hated of God and man. Every corner of the land told a story of his vileness; men fled before him as if from the devil himself. His face was like the sole of a camel's foot, his body crooked as a scorpion, his form and gait were like a frog's, his speech was like the barking of a cur, his teeth were like crooked spikes of iron, his lips were like a camel's, and his breath smelt of rottenness. And that foul monster, as soon as he heard of the beauty of that moon, girt up his loins for wooing because of his trust in his master Mahmoud. And coming to the house of the mother of Hadijeh, he said to her: “You have a daughter who is the desire of the world. Give her to me out of kindness and I will be your friend; refuse her and I will tell my story to my master Mahmound.” And when she heard his word she became hot with anger, and said: “Shall a jackal mate with a gazelle?” And that vile beast was wrath and bore the news to Mahmound. And Mahmoud said: “Tell that woman that if she will not give up her daughter her house shall be made desolate and all her people perish.” Then came her kin weeping and praying, and begged her for all their sakes to yield and to give up her daughter. And at last for pity's sake she yielded.