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LET it be the object of your constant endeavour to instruct both others and yourself. Ask nothing from the Supreme, the advantage of which is open to the inroads of decay; but let your petition be for the good that endureth. Be ever on the watch; evil hath many causes. That which you ought not to accomplish, forbear even to desire. God’s punishment of his servants is not in course of anger, but in course of discipline and culture. Be content to aspire to the life you suit, lest the dura­tion of that which suits you be contracted: neither consider any life a suitable one, but that which will satisfy the appetite for knowledge. Turn not to repose in sleep till thou hast taken account with thy soul of three things: — 1. whether thou hast that day committed any wrong; 2. whether that day thou hast gained any advantage; 3. whether any previous achievement has perished by neglect. Remember! before thy life what wert thou; and after it, what wilt thou be? Molest none; for the affairs of life lie in the channel of mutation and decay. Make not thy capital of aught external to thyself. Count not any for wise who rejoiceth at earthly pleasure, or is disturbed at earthly misfortune. To the tales of a tale-bearer, who divulges them unasked, thou mayest listen, and be sure, that he who wisheth evil to another hath already in his own soul admitted evil to himself. Think often before thou speakest: having spoken, perform. The need that thou feelest cast not upon to-morrow: how knowest thou to-morrow what may befall? In word only be not wise, but in word and deed likewise. Wisdom in words may endure in this world, wisdom in deed reacheth to the next, and endureth there. If for good thou bearest pain, the pain endureth not, the good endureth: if for ill thou enjoyest pleasure, the pleasure endureth not, the ill endureth. Remember that the day will come when men shall call upon thee, and thou shalt be bereft of organs wherewith to answer or to listen; hearing not, speaking not, unable to remember. Reflect not whilst thou art here upon any for their wants; thou shalt be where master and slave are alike. Know that of all the gifts of God nothing is better than wisdom, and that he only can be wise whose thoughts, words, and actions correspond together. Requite a good act, and let a bad one pass. Weary not at the offices pertaining to the next world, for they are great. Bruise not a single bosom in thy pursuit of excellence. Abandon not permanent for transitory eminence, for in so doing thou turnest from him who is the source of both. Neither be overweening in thy affluence; nor in thy calamities give way to despondence and self-abasement. Be rude to none, be courteous to all, and beware how thou contemnest another for being courteous to thee. What thou excusest in thyself, revile not in thy brother.