In the year of the Hegira, 1073, Aurungzebe being on the A H. 1073.
A D. 1662.
throne, a son was born to Gooroo Hurry Siri Kirshen, to whom they gave the name of Taigh Behader, when this son came to the age of puberty,—being remarkable for his piety and abstinence,— his followers conceived a superstitious veneration for him, and used among themselves, to call him the true King; he on his part, whatever he received in presents, or offerings from his disciples, or the Sicks in general, he laid out in provisions, which he publicly distributed to all who chose to receive them; this brought great numbers to participate of his bounty.

The news writers of Lahore, soon transmitted an account of these circumstances to Aurungzebe, who was then engaged in the war of the Deckan; and his Majesty being very particular in his examination of all persons who pretended to extraordinary sanctity, he sent some Yessawils (or Ushers) to bring Taigh Behader to his presence, who on their arrival at the place of his residence, immediately set out with them, and soon arrived at the court.