IN the latter end of the reign of Sultan Baber, Nanuck Shah, A H. 936.
A D. 1529.
a Dervish, by tribe a Ketteree, lived in the village of Shoderah, situated about seven crores (or coss) east of the river Chenab; as he was a man of a most exemplary life, and eminent for his piety, charity, and abstinence, he became famous throughout Hindostan, and wherever he went teaching his doctrine, he made a great number of proselytes; he wrote several books upon the nature and institutions of his order; such as the Purraun Sunkely, &c. which he distributed for the regulation of the worship of his followers.—He took the title of Gooroo, or religious Teacher, and called his followers in general Sicks, which signifies followers of a Sect, but his immediate disciples, whom he instructed in the mysteries of his doctrine, he called Murids, or Disciples; these terms are often confounded, but they are properly very dis­tinct.

After the death of Gooroo Nanuck, his successors were in the following order:

1 Gooroo Ankud.

2 Gooroo Amerdad.

3 Gooroo Ramdas.

4 Gooroo Arjun who wrote the Gurhunt, now generally followed as the rule of discipline.

5 Gooroo Ramroy.

6 Gooroo Hur Roy.

7 Gooroo Hurry Siri Kirshen,

these Gooroos appear upon an average, to have exercised their office about twenty-two years each.