The beginning of the following year, the Sicks assembling again, A H. 1176.
A D. 1762.
drove Rajah Cabully Mul out of Lahore, and Saudet yab Khan, from the Doab of Beit Jalinder, establishing themselves in both those places; after which they invaded Malnair, defeated and killed Hinghun Khan, a man of great courage and ability, who had long been a considerable check to their progress in that quarter.

They next attacked Sirhind, and coming to action with Zien Khan, the Durranny Foujdar, near Rajah Seray, defeated and killed him also; after which they plundered and burnt Sirhind, having a particular enthusiastick hatred to that place, on account of the murder of Gooroo Gobind’s children, which was perpe­trated there. By these successes, the whole country from the Attock to Karnal, acknowledged the authority of the Sicks.