The following year, the Sicks to the number of about forty A H. 1175.
A D. 1761.
thousand horse, ravaged the whole territory of Malnair, in revenge for the assistance given by Hinghun Khan to the Durranny Aumil; but soon after Ahmed Shah Durranny having marched to Lahore to punish the Sicks, for having expelled Bullund Khan, Hinghun Khan contrived in the night to escape, and fled to the Durranny camp for protection.—The Durranny Shah sent thirty thousand horse under his conduct, who marching seventy crores (one hundred and forty miles) almost without* intermission, sur­prized the army of the Sicks, at a place called Barnala, and put great numbers to the sword; the rest as usual, dispersed for a time; after which, the Shah proceeded to Sirhind, where he was met by Nujeib ul Dowla, and the other principal Onirahs; and having received their compliments, returned back to Kandahar, leaving Saudet yab Khan, one of his officers, with a large detachment in the Doab of Beit Jalinder, and Rajah Cabully Mul, as Subadar of Lahore.