The conclusion of the rains was followed by that famous campaign, which put to final trial the grand question of EMPIRE between the Mussulmans, and the Marhattas; and ending by the fatal battle of Paniput, which was fought on the 20th of Jemad ul Sani 1174, decided it in favour of the Mussulmans, and gave a A H. 1174.
A D. 1760.
blow to the Marhatta power, which it has not entirely recovered yet.

After this, Ahmed Shah Durranny, having settled the govern­ment at Dehly in the hands of Nujeib ul Doula, and placed Mirza Jewan Buckt on the throne, as representative of his father Shah Alum, who was then in Bengal, he marched back towards Kandahar.

As soon as he had passed the Suttedge, the Sicks began to plunder the stragglers from his camp, which he forebore to resent at that time, his army being loaded with plunder; however, to secure his camp from insult, he every night threw up a slight work round it, and in this manner he continued his march to the Attock, the Sicks following him all the way.

When the Durranny army had passed the Attock, the Sicks returned, and having blockaded Lahore, they compelled Bullund Khan to retreat with his garrison, upon which they took posses­sion of that city, and all the country from the Attock to Sir­hind.

However, Zein Khan, whom the Durranny Shah had left as Foujdare of Sirhind, being assisted by Hinghun Khan, a pattan chief, of the district of Malnair (south west from Sirhind) still supported himself against them.