The Vizier Ghazi ul dien Khan, who kept his Majesty Alum­gire A H. 1172.
A D. 1758.
Sani as a prisoner in his own palace, expecting that the Durranny Shah would call him to a severe account, if Alumgire Sani should complain to him; in a transport of rage and despair he put him to death: and after placing another of the royal line upon the throne, by the title of Shah Jehan Sani, he left Dehly with all his forces, and joined the Marhatta army, which was then besieging the Rohillas at Sukertall.

The events of this campaign are foreign to our subject, it is only necessary to say, that the Durranny Shah having raised the siege of Sukertall, and defeated the Marhatta chiefs Junkoo and Mulhar Row in several actions, in one of which, Dattea Pateel (the elder brother of Mahado Row Sindea) was killed; and being joined by all the Rohilla chiefs, as also by the Navab Shuja ul Dowla, cantoned for the rainy season near Coel in the Doab, between the Ganges and the Jumna.