About three years after this, Ahmed Shah Durranny, again invaded A H. 1163.
A D. 1750.
Hindostan, and having defeated Moin ul Mullock, seized on Lahore, levied a very heavy contribution from it, and after­wards appointed Moin ul Mullock to be Subadar on his part of Lahore and Multan, having given the daughter of Moin ul Mullock in marriage to his own son, the Prince Timur Shah: after this, the Durranny Shah returned to Kandahar.

During this war, Adina Beg Khan having joined Moin ul Mul­lock with all his forces, the Sicks had nothing left to oppose them, and therefore they daily became more formidable. They cut off the royal garrison in the Fort of Tanniser, destroyed the fort, and plundered all the neighbouring districts.

After the departure of the Durranny Shah, Moin ul Mullock again sent Adina Beg Khan against the Sicks, who seemed now to be inclined to discharge his duty with fidelity, for having received intelligence that they were assembled near Macowal, to celebrate the festival of the Hooly, he, by a forced march, surprised them, and put so many of them to death, that the remainder were obliged to disperse for a while, but soon began to plunder again in small parties.