Shah Nevaz Khan, (one of the sons of Zekariah Khan) who was then Subadar of Lahore, immediately submitted; and the Durranny Shah entering the city of Lahore, seized upon the trea­sury and the armoury there, and proclaimed himself master of that Province also.

It is foreign from the design of this history, to enter into a detail of these events, which are all related in the general history of the empire; suffice it to say, that the Durranny Shah was at length obliged to return to Kandahar; and that in the year of the Hegira 1160, Mahummud Shah having died, was succeeded A H. 1160. A D. 1747. by his son Ahmed Shah, who nominated Mir Munnoo, called Moin ul Mullock, son to the late Vizier Kummer ul dien Khan, to the Subadary of Lahore and Multan.

During these troubles, the Sick Chiefs Jessa Sing Kelal, Chirsah Sing, Tokah Sing, and Kirwar Sing, had got together about 5000 horse; to which army they (for the first time) gave the title of Dul Khalsah Gee, or the Army of the State, and with which they made themselves masters of the Doab of Bary.—Moin ul Mullock again appointed Adina Beg Khan to the Foujdary of that Doab; who marching thither, began as formerly to intrigue with the Sicks, and took no effectual means to suppress them. In one action indeed, he defeated them, and killed about 600 Sicks; but as the confusion prevailing in the empire, had reduced thousands of people to distress, they were daily joining the Sicks for the sake of plunder, took the Poil, and let their hair grow, upon which they were inrolled in the Dul, which now began to encrease with surprising rapidity.*.