Soon after which, he seized upon Nasir Khan, whom Nadir Shah had left Subadar of Cabul, (as said before) together with the treasure which he had collected from the time of Nadir Shah’s return to Persia, being above a crore of rupees. He also demanded his daughter from him in marriage.—Nasir Khan being then entirely in his power, consented, and obtained liberty to go to his followers who were in Paishawir, under pretence of making the necessary preparations:—he was obliged, however, to leave his son as hostage; but as soon as he was at liberty, he considered the giving his daughter to a man of a different tribe, as a disgrace not to be submitted to, and therefore began to collect forces for his own defence. Yet some time after, Almud Shah Durranny, approaching him, though with a very inferior army, his followers dispersed, and Nasir Khan fled towards Dehly, which furnished Ahmud Shah Durranny with a plea for his first invasion of Hin­dostan. A H. 1159.
A D. 1746.
He accordingly passed the Attock, Jelum, and Chenab, and came to Lahore.