In the year of the Hegira 1151, Nadir Shah the King of A H. 1151.
A D. 1738.
Persia, invaded Hindostan, and as his army committed dreadful ravages wherever they went, the inhabitants fled to the hills for safety; while the Subadars of the Provinces, being unable to resist, submitted to the invader.

On this occasion, the Sicks collecting together, began to com­mit depredations on all sides, possessing themselves of the property of the inhabitants who had fled to avoid the Persians, and plun­dering every place in their reach.—At the same time they fortified themselves near a village called Dullival, on the banks of the Ravy, where they were joined by many Zemindars, who had secretly favoured their sect, and now rejoiced to see it once more in a condition to declare itself.

Some time after this, Nadir Shah returned to Persia, having plundered at Dehly, wealth to an almost incredible amount, and having bestowed the Empire of Hindostan on Mahummud Shah, as his own free gift,—He left behind him Nasir Khan, to collect the Subah of Cabul, and four Mahls, (districts) belonging to the Subah of Lahore; (being parts of the Empire of Hindostan, made over to him by the treaty with Mahummud Shah.) The rest of the Subah of Lahore was continued under Zekariah Khan, as Subadar, on the part of Mahummud Shah.—Zekariah Khan appointed Adina Beg Khan to be Foujdar of the Doab of Bary, with orders to reduce the Sicks to obedience.

The force he had with him was fully equal to the execution of that service; but Adina Beg, considering that if he should entirely put an end to all disturbances in that district, there would remain no necessity for continuing him in so extensive a command, he carried on intrigues with the Chiefs of the Sicks, and secretly encouraged them to continue their depredations; at the same time, pretending to be very desirous of subduing them. From this management, the Sicks became daily more powerful, and seized upon several places in the distant parts of the Subah of Lahore. They also began again to perform publick pilgrimages to the Holy Tank at Amrutsur, without molestation.

About this time, Zekariah Khan died, leaving two sons, the elder of whom was by the Shah appointed to succeed his father, as Subadar of Lahore; but disputes arising between the two brothers, the affairs of the Province became greatly neglected, and the Sicks increased in strength.

Some time before this, Nadir Shah having been assassinated in Persia, Almud Khan Durranny, one of his principal officers, established himself at Kandahar, and seized upon that Province, in which he had considerable family connections; at the same time laying claim to the other* Provinces of Hindostan, which had been ceded to Nadir Shah by the treaty before mentioned, and assuming the title of Shah or King.