Letter addressed to
Amir-ūl-Umará Sháyasta Khán*,

Governor of Akabarábád.*


Faithful friend of auspicious nature, may you live under the protection of the Exalted God. I am anxious for you. On Tuesday, the 20th inst. of Rabi-ūl-Awal*—the day of writing this letter to you—Shūjá*, whose lot was defeat, encountered the victorious army which was under the victorious stirrup of this most needy person (i.e., Aurungzebe himself) to God Whose name is glorious, and found the return of evil actions in (his) lap, full of his own misfortunes (i.e., he was defeated by me). (Couplet) “From whose hand and tongue can come out the responsibility of thanksgiving to God fully (i.e., no one in this world thanks God fully for His bounties)?” The details of this great victory* (of Cujwá over Shūjá) will be written to you afterwards. I pursued the cowardly Jasvant Singh* who had joined the enemy (i.e., Shūjá) last night before the battle; but he fled away and went to Akbarábád. Evidently he has gone to his own native place (i.e., Rájpūtáná). He has suffered a great loss in this world (by being a coward) and will suffer it in the next world (by being an infidel; for he will not enter paradise). On hearing the purport of this royal order, this arm of sovereignty (i.e., Sháyasta Khán) should perform the necessary things for joy and pleasure (i.e., should observe the day of victory as a public festival); and should give thanks to the True Giver of Bounty (i.e., God); and should entirely engage in preserving this province belonging to you (i.e., Akbarábád). Immediately I sent my dear son, Muhammad Sultan Bahádūr*, in pursuit of this ungrateful man (i.e., Shūjá). I will soon come to Akbarábád.