Grandson Azim, it is not good to be careless, like myself, of the Generous God and of oppression upon people who are the deposits* of the Creator. Especially it is very bad for princes to practise oppression*. You should always accept as right, heartily and secretly, the true (religious) doctrines of death, resurrection, ‘Sirát’,* and divine punish­ment (after death). Every moment you should know that you are to depart from this world so that the new branch of hope will rise from the dust of expectance and the flowers of blessings will not be removed by the wind of the sigh of the oppressed (i. e., you will not be disappointed by the curses of the oppressed). Whence did you learn this peculiar habit (of oppression) which was neither practised by your grandfather nor by your father? It is better to eradicate this foolish habit (i. e., oppression) from your mind. I considered you better than other princes (i. e., my sons and grandsons) and I thought you to be a future king. (Verse) “What we think proves to be false (or contrary—i.e., man proposes, God disposes)”.