Letters addressed to
Muhammad Azim-ūd-Din Bahádūr,*

second son of Mūazzam Sháh Álam Bahádūr.

(My) grandson, well versed in repeating the great and ancient Koran by heart, some political affairs are taken into consideration. I am excessively desirous of seeing this light of the eye (i. e., my dear grandson). Having looked after the exalted government affairs and being desirous to see me, you should, in obedience to my order, appoint Mūrshid Kūlli Khán* to the governorship of your place (i. e., Bengál) and (then) should come into my humble presence with elephants and the royal treasury. Nay, if you march (to see me) before receiving (my) order, it will be considered obedience on your part.