Brave grandson, this light of sight (i. e., dear grandson Bahádūr) writes in (the beginning of) many letters (to me) ‘May eternity join with fortune (i.e., may your—Aurung­zebe’s —fortune be eternal)’. It is impossible that (one’s) fortune should last from generation to generation. (Then) how will it reach eternity? (i. e., fortune is not eternal). (Henceforth) you should begin every letter (thus): ‘By the blessings of the bounties of the Unrivalled Exalted God’. Because God says truly ‘Man is created helpless’*. (Couplet) “Know that the opposition of an enemy and a friend is from God; because the hearts of both of them are in His possession (i. e., the source of enmity as well as friendship is God and not man; because man’s actions are subject to God’s will).”