Grandson Bahádūr, the expenses incurred by Khán Firūz Jang for his followers (in receiving me when I was passing from Bahádūrgadh) appeared to me more than proportionate to his rank and salary. (During my reception by him) I observed guns, ‘rekhlás’*, ‘báns’*, ‘rám-jangis’*, ‘jazáyars’*, ‘god-náls’*, ‘shūtūr-náls’*, ‘gaj-náls’*, riding horses with necessary equipments, horses and elephants equipped with armours stuffed with silk, other necessary things of pomp and dignity, and many other things which were either necessary or unnecessary. Therefore I con­fiscated many of the belongings of the Khán. Why do you, who have got things double those of the Khán, waste money and spend it without any cause? To spend money after useful things is necessary; but to spend it after other things (i.e., useless things) is for self-adornment.