Grandson Bahádūr, to win the hearts of soldiers is the greatest part of success*. He of a happy disposition and of a high birth (i. e., you) should try his best to execute this affair according to the entire sound advice of his fore­fathers. Because on the continent of India, this piece of bread (i.e., the Mogul Empire) is a generous gift (to us) from Their Majesties, the Lord of the Happy Conjunction (i.e., Tamerlane) and the Resident of Heaven (i.e., Akbar)*. If, through the blessings of the bounties of the Transcendent God, you can do (something) for the stability and extent (of the empire), the eloquent historians will write down the details of it which will remain memorable upon the book of the pages of everlasting time. (Couplet) “If you are going to enjoy the garden, be quick; because the spring will pass away like the colour of lawsonia inermis (a colouring shrub—i.e., don’t delay in taking advantage of the opportunity offered to you; otherwise you will lose it and there will be no chance of your having it again)”.