My dear grandson, may you be benefited and prosper­ous in religious and worldly matters. You conquered the fortresses of Tarkand* and Navalkand* from wicked and misguided people. May God be praised. The achieve­ment of this dear son deserves much praise and laudation. Your Shamsheer Khán* is also a good counsellor. A good work proceeds from a good man. I changed the name of Tarkand into Shamsheer Gadha (lit. the fortress of Sham­sheer Khán). The conquest of the fortresses by one (i. e., by you) and the claim of the conquest by the other (i.e., by me) excite the special greed of the world conquering (i. e., my) treasury. (Couplet) “The sockets of the eyes of the greedy are never filled (i. e., the greedy are never satisfied). Till the shell was not contented it was not filled (with pearls—i. e., even the shell is not satisfied though it gets many pearls in it)”.