Grandson Bahádūr, for removing physical diseases and avoiding dangers you should continue the morning prayer which is accepted by God. All erudite and learned per­sons unanimously agree that to blow on water by reciting ‘Sūrat-i-Ikhalás’ and ‘Sūrat-i-Shafa’a’* and then to drink that water is the great and immediate cure (of diseases). Though to weigh the entire body of a person against gold, silver, copper, corn, oil and other commodities is not the practice of the country of our ancestors and of the Mohe­madans of this country (i. e., India), many needy and poor persons are benefited by this practice (therefore we must also observe this practice)*. His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) also used to weigh (against gold, silver &c.) his auspicious body twice a year and (then) to distribute the gold and silver equal to the weight of his own body among the poor. If this light of my eyes (i. e., grandson Bahádūr) will weigh his body against various commodities, which are mentioned in the letter, fourteen times a year, it will be efficacious for removing mental and physical calamities. (Couplet) “You (i. e., God) know our (man’s) weakness, anxiety, and invalidity; and You also know the remedy and cure of our dis­eases.” God is the curer and healer of diseases; God is perfect; and God is holy.