Eldest son of sovereignty, why have you displeased Fateh Alláh Khán* notwithstanding his good nature? When I was a prince I used to treat the nobles in such a way that all were pleased and whether present or absent praised me much. Nay, notwithstanding the merit and dignity of the unfriendly brother* some of them deserted him and entered my service.* I closed my eyes upon some of them, who, at the instigation of the unfriendly brother, practised unworthy actions and used abusive words. For the sake of justice they admitted my patience and endur­ance. And the impression of my generalship and bravery* was made upon the tablet of the noble heart of His Holy Majesty (Sháh Jehán). Difficult acts were performed by the strength of the arm of this weak ant*. You have broken the heart of Fateh Alláh Khán, a soldier, brave and useful in all affairs, who would have been useful to you in important matters (after me).* (Verse) “What benefit is there if you give a thousand gems and jewels but at the same time break the inward gem (i.e. the heart) of a person?” Done is done and cannot be undone. It will be better if you win his heart; and it will be more advantageous to you for putting your affairs in order. (Couplet) “I advise you, listen to the advice, don’t evade it. Listen to the advice given by a kind counsellor”. The sooner the better. Peace be upon those who follow the right path.