Letters addressed to
Prince Muhammad Ma’az-ūd-Din Bahádūr*,

the eldest son of Sultan Muhammad Mūazzam,
Sháh Álam Bahádūr (the crown prince).

Grandson Bahádūr, (your) victory over Malek Gházi and his defeat gave me much pleasure and I praise you for that. As a reward for (this) great service you are given the ‘faujdárship’ of Lakhi Jungle*, a military title of ‘Dah-Hazári,* and an additional title. Along with a man­date conferring these posts, a robe of honour, a sword, a horse, an elephant and jewels will be sent to you. You should pay greater and greater attention to conquering kingdoms and extirpating the rebels from the district (i.e., Lakhi Jungle), which should be the duties of princes. You should not wait for (my) order to punish the rebels, and you should not expect an additional title like (the govern­ment) servants, because the kingdom belongs to you (i. e., you are a prince). I am like the sun on the border of the horizon (i. e., I am old and nearing death).