Exalted son, from the reports sent to the royal court by reporters I came to know the details of the story of the impudence and misbehaviour of Hidáyat Keesh-i-Punjábi who, having drunk wine, walked on the enlightened tomb of Sháh Bandeh Naváz Gisū Daráz* and (thus) displayed his low spirit. When that wicked man had gone to that (holy) place in a drunken state, you ought to have sent your servants with an order to bind him hand and foot and to bring him (before you); and then having placed him in front, you ought to have sent him to me along with mace­bearers*. Evidently partiality should not be allowed to the reporter; for this, I have sent (to you) strict mace­bearers in order to bind the accursed (Punjábi) and to bring him (before me).

When unworthy persons, appointed to service, do such acts, in such cases I do not shew partiality to any of my sons; so what can I do for Ináyat Alláh Khán* and others?