Exalted son, when His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) conferred the title of ‘Ráo’* upon Jasvant Khatri* and made him a private secretary, he told him, “You should be honest in relation to myself and those who want ‘jághirs’. When a list of the newly appointed persons and of additional titles or ‘jághirs’ is brought to me (for reference), you should bring before my presence four or five officers in the evening when I am looking at the maps of provinces and the designs of buildings in the courtyard of the ‘Ghosal Kháneh,’* so that after examining the character and lineage of every one I will issue an order for ‘jághirs’.” In the same way he issued an order to the superintendent of the ‘dágh-tasihah’* (to the effect) that he must receive any orders for branding (horses) with the seals of paymasters and then presenting them to His Majesty he must brand the horses; and that he must give an account of the expenses (of branding) to the secretary.

On account of the hardships of the difficult expedition I could not pay any attention to state affairs; consequently there was total disorder in the management of orders. His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) often used to say, “‘Sar-kūb’* offi­cers, treasurers, police officers, prefects giving final orders, ‘karori’* paymasters, and (other) officers should acquire honesty and keenness which are the best of all (qualities)”.