Exalted son, (couplet) “Your companion must be bet­ter than yourself, so that your wisdom and faith may increase.” For a long time I have heard that in your ‘Jághir’ districts oppression is practised openly. Justice does not remove the oppressors for the sake of the poor oppressed who have no access to the ruler. In the court of God the angels write down the acts of oppression in the account of the governor appointed (by you or by me)*. What does it mean to give so much power to the second paymaster and to put great confidence in him so that no one has power of speak against his action? Though it is right to increase the independent power of a man of business in any way, it is simply foolish to give an absolute authority to a servant and not to pay any attention to the important affairs exe­cuted by him. (Quatrain) “Do not associate with an evil person; be a stranger to him (i.e., be far from him). If you eat his grain, you will fall into his snare (like a bird). The arrow, on account of its straightness, saw the bow crooked; behold, how it left its hollow! (i.e., as the arrow does not like the crookedness of the bow and consequently leaves it, similarly a good person should not desire the company of a bad one and consequently should abandon his company)”. (Verse) “Fear the sighs of the oppressed; because at the time of their prayer, acceptance comes to receive it from the court of God (i. e., the prayer of the oppressed is heard and accepted by God)”.