Exalted son, at your suggestion I made Mūswi Khán* the chief paymaster. It is sufficient if the servant dis­charges his duty satisfactorily. His appearance is not bad. I don’t know his character. (Verse) “The wickedness of the soul (i.e., the character of a man) is not known for many years.” It is a general rule to inquire privately into the character of a man who is to be appointed to a post. Because in the beginning (of the service of servants) people are deceived by the performance of good service; but afterwards they find themselves to be served by selfish servants. Here after Eftikhár Khán* and Muhammad Ali Khán*, Fázil Khán* and Fazáyal Khán* managed the ‘Khámáni’ post well, from whose foreheads good signs were seen (to proceed). Physical diseases can be cured by doctors; but mental diseases, like selfishness, can be remedied only by the Changer of Hearts (i.e., God).