Exalted son, life of the father, produce of the life of the father (i.e., dear son), the province of Gūjarát* is not like Bengál, the Deccan and Cábūl (i.e., Gūjarát is in the middle of the empire and not on the borders, like Bengál, the Deccan and Cábūl) that owing to a great distance and a frontier of the kingdom, the appointment of commissioners (for Gūjarât) should be accepted volens nolens (by you) (i.e., the commissioners for Gūjarát must not be appointed by others but by ourselves, because it is situated in the middle of the empire). Henceforth you should act according to my system till the work is executed with promise and threat (to commissioners). The police officer of the dis­trict of Dohud*, who is old and sickly, did not come into your presence on account of (his) physical infirmities. He should not be dismissed (from his post) by you and should be left to follow his own way.