My dear son, it is said that on the day of ‘Chauki*,’ Ali Mardán Khán*, Abū Sa’aeed Marz, and Kilich Khán* used to first offer the soldiers coffee; then at the time of break­fast, they used to serve them breakfast; at the time of dinner, dinner; and at the time of departure, perfumes and ‘páns*.’ They used to send various dishes to the family members of the soldiers and to say ‘Their wives and children do not taunt us for feeding the soldiers alone and for want of magnanimity (towards them) and are not grieved’.

In former times a person began to complain of the times before a great man. The great man said, “We should thank (God) for and praise the present time much; because man has no fear about his livelihood and no anxiety about his person and property (in Sháh Jehán’s time). There is no fear of relaxation in (one’s) religion and faith. In future, the intentions of mankind will be changed and severe oppression will take place. Justice and gratitude will totally disappear. Administrators and protectors of cities will be publicly engaged in plundering (people). The ruling king of the (future) time will not give justice to the oppressed. The nobles will try to support the tyrants for the (mutual) benefit of one another. The rights (of people) will be disregarded and be trampled under foot. Wives will display bravery while daughters will be honoured with ministerships. Men of merit, on account of discouragement and want of appreciation, will purposely abstain from help­ing in the improvement of affairs. Worthy officers, nothwithstanding their retirement from office, will not be safe (from oppression). The foolish and the inexperienced will manage the state affairs. The sons will afflict (their) fathers and the fathers will have no paternal love for (their) sons. Virtuous wives will weep for the debauchery and disaffection of (their) profligate husbands. There will not be timely rain. The governors, through their selfish ominous nature, will cause corn to be sold dearer. The countries will be ruined owing to the oppression of the rulers. Public women will live openly in the houses of nobles and great men. Men will like to be clad in the dress of women (i. e., will prove cowards).”