Exalted son, Sa’aeed Khán Bahádūr Zafer Jang* brought a person into the presence of His Majesty (Sháh Jehán); and out of good grace praised him. Sa’ad Alláh Khán allowed nothing to pass from truth (i.e., gave justice to the man) and said, “May Sa’aeed Khán be happy who presents such a man (before Your Majesty) and speaks to Your Majesty about his good manners.” Words passed from the auspicious tongue of H. M. (to the effect that), “It is your (i.e. officers’) business to bring servants into my presence, while my work is to patronise them in order to give lustre to affairs. The officers should oblige me by finding out and then presenting before me erudite and well-versed secretaries, honest officers and many respectable soldiers whom I want.” The prime minister* said, “The man of every class, who does every useful work in your holy reign, is, in the end, honoured with a worthy post and presented a costly robe of honour.” His Majesty ordered the prime minister to examine the ability of the man and then to give him a fine service. Sa’aeed Khán Bahádūr, out of thankfulness for the good favours of the appreciating potentate (i.e. Sháh Jehán), distributed Rs. 10000 among pious, virtuous and poor people.