Exalted son, one day His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) entered the ‘Ghosal Kháneh’* in a sad mood. Sa’ad Alláh Khán* and Ali Mardán Khán* asked for the cause of dis­traction of his noble mind. His Majesty observed, “Some of the civil and financial officers have died. Other digni­fied persons are not found immediately to undertake such important affairs. My mind is not at peace for the thought lest order will be destroyed.” Kilich Khán* said, “The well-being of the important affairs of the permanent sovereignty depends upon the auspices of your holy person. Your slave has, in a short time, trained five of his servants in such a way that they are fit for high posts in the king­dom, for services in provinces and for the management of affairs.” On hearing these words joy shone on the noble face of His Majesty who ordered Kilich Khán to bring the five servants into his presence in the evening in order to be inspected for appearance and character. (His Majesty further remarked), “How pleasant it is if affairs are trans­acted according to (one’s) desires!” Kilich Khán entered His Majesty’s presence (with his five servants) exactly at the appointed time. Having attained to the fortune of (being present into) His Majesty’s most holy service he spoke (to the emperor) about the good character and ability (of the five servants). Each of them was honoured with the favour and appreciation of the master of the world (i.e. Sháh Jehán), and was given a worthy and personal (not hereditary) post and assistants to serve under. His Majesty shewed special favours to the above-mentioned Khán also. He was given a personal title of ‘Yak-Hazári’,* and, in addition, two hundred cavaliers. His Majesty observed, (verse) “May you (the Khán) be happy because you have made me happy.” Out of thankfulness for the acceptance of his request (by Sháh Jehán) and for the favours of the bountiful master (i.e. Sháh Jehán), the qualified Khán gave away in charity one thousand ‘Mohurs’* to the deserving.