Happy son, Mahammad Mūazzam, may God protect and save you. I came to know from the representation of a disinterested person that this year you observed the Nowroz* festival in the manner of the (present) Persians*. By God’s grace, keep your faith firm. From whom have you adopted this heretical innovation? Evidently you have been instructed by that Arab who lays claim to the title of Saiyad,* (but) who is the cause of disgrace to some good persons (the Saiyads). Anyhow this is a festivity of the Majūsis.* According to the belief of the infidel Hindus it is the coronation day of the accursed Vikramájit* and the commencement of a Hindu era. Henceforward you should not observe it and repeat such folly. (Verse) “I have advised you often; but none of you (my sons) have searched after secrets”. I seek forgiveness from God, my Lord, for every sin that I have committed; and I turn to Him (in repentance).