Exalted son, His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) asked Sa’ad Alláh Khán,* “What are the means of satisfying the Creator and what are the good fruits of our life?” He replied, “Justice and charity with which God has endowed your most holy person.” A person said to the qualified Khán in a sarcastic tone, “Honest and faithful men are very rare in this world; possibly you know this.” He replied, “The world is not, in any way, devoid of honest people. A wise man must take good men into his service, look after their welfare, realise his desires through them, and not listen to the words of the selfish against them.” His Majesty observed, “Honest and respectable men and good officers are rare. He who is favoured by God with the highest posi­tion must inquire into the condition of honest and good people. He must not regard an able person worthless though he may be a stranger. He must avoid the company of foolish and worthless people though they may be equal to him in position. He must favour and patronise a good and friendly officer.”