Exalted son, the misbehaviour and impudent conduct of Mir Badhū,* (your) foster brother (towards you), have been fully laid bare to me by the reports of your expedition. The (following) couplet of ‘the Spiritual Leader’* applies to his case. (Couplet) “The favours of God treat you mildly; but if you go beyond (the mild treatment) you are disgraced (or punished by Him)”.* You thought it neces­sary to reproach and to disgrace him, because he boasts of the claims of his old mother.* (But) he does not know the (following) words of Sa’adi.* (Couplet) “Don’t put the king, whom you serve, under any obligation; know that it is you who are obliged by the king by his giving service to you.” Any how the Obliging King (i.e., God) has endowed men with wisdom and (other) good qualities. It is better if you follow my advice and forgive him this fault; because, (verse) ‘Criminals are worthy of favour.’