Exalted son, you must have learnt, from the letter of the agent and the reports of the spies, the details of hard­ships in the invasion of the Ghauts.* The Mohemadans and the army had to undergo worse conditions and unbear­able toils. God be thanked that the calamities of this invasion came entirely to an end and were compensated for by victory and success. Though such hardships are said to be caused by the sins of mankind, yet the action of the governor has a great effect upon the good and evil of people. The action of the governor suggests misery or misfortune on this poor and useless person (i.e., Aurungzebe himself). The fortress of Sattárá* is now called (by me) A’azam-tárá (and given to you). You should issue an order that the drum of victory will be beaten in your own name. You may remember the words uttered by you in your childhood, “Bábáji, dhūn, dhūn”.* The fortress of Barnálá* is now called (by me) Naval-tárá. Ask for the details of my expedition from your slave-girls.